Thursday, February 5, 2015

Triangle Heads


One of the billion projects I'm doing right now is called Recordings - I've posted about it before - a circular journal made out of an old LP with music-based spreads.  This week my song is Tessellate by Alt-J:

The song is haunting and beautiful and strangely erotic.  I absolutely love it.

The spread I made is not haunting, beautiful, or erotic, but WHATEVER.  FACES:

TWO of them!  Whee!

So that brings my count up to a whopping 3.  I am kicking so much ass. ;)

There's a video from The Water Bearer on wonderstrange if you want to check it out:  ClickyClicky.

There are closeups and more babbling about this spread also on wonderstrange.  There will be a video probably late tonight since I have to work and go to class in the meantime.  Real life, you suck.

I'm going to go tessellate.


  1. I love the triangle heads! Both cool and hilarious! Awesome project!

  2. You have a wonderful sense of color and design. Beautiful whimsy- a joy to visit your blog!

  3. LOVE the triangle faces! i'm getting bored with my same boring face so you've given me ideas for tomorrow's face. ;-) Also love the video, and i notice in your little blurb on the right, you say 'i am weird'. Well, i happen to like weird, so we'll get along just fine. ;-) You have beautiful things here. I'll be back for a visit soon! xx


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