Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Woot woot! We have a winner!

Kearston Brown!!


Congratulations, lovey! I'll contact you through Facebook to get your details!

In other news, my Soul Food lesson has inspired some fantastic art, just fantastic!!! It has been so exciting to watch, I can barely contain myself. Here's the full non-sneak-peek version of it in case you're interested and/or curious and/or humoring me.. ;)

I will probably be offering it as a stand-alone at some point, so stay tuned for that. Also stay tuned for more announcements in the next couple of weeks. EEEK.

Also, I am sunburned and it itches. That is all.




Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Giveaway and Crawling Out of a Hole

Greetings lovely lovelies!

Depression is a weird beast. I haven't dealt with it much in my life, and I have a whole new understanding and heavy dose of compassion for people who suffer with chronic depression. After my friend died in October, I had so much crazy to keep me busy with birthdays and holidays and other madness that I never really dealt with the fact that she was gone. In January, it hit me hard. In February, it hit me harder with the added bonus of having absolutely no artistic energy available to give, which led to the inner slavedriver admonishing me for not getting anything done. So I had artistic constipation and a constant stream of yelling and insults inside my own head. FABULOUS. I eventually admitted to myself that I might have a problem and that no amount of name-calling or self-flagellation was going to fix it.

Finally, I just decided to cut myself some slack, do what I needed to do to just BE (which included organizing yarn, playing lots of ukulele, and not forcing the Art Issue), and take time to mourn and recover. I haven't done much art and have been telling myself that that's okay. Now, in April, I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. I've painted a bit, have managed to finish stuff that had deadlines, and helped host an Art-a-Thon in March with three lovely ladies which found me painting things for no other reason than just to paint. A huge step in the moving-forward arena.

That same Art-a-Thon had prizes, and that's what brings me to today's post! One of my prize winners never claimed her prize, so I'm giving it away here, this Dazed Dolly:


Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, and I'll pick a winner next Thursday!

I also have some exciting things coming up that I want to touch on - my Soul Food lesson goes LIVE tomorrow! WHEE!! Here's a sneak peek of things to come:

I also have a LIVE IN-PERSON workshop coming up in June in Paducah, Kentucky at Ephemera Paducah with the amazingly awesome Sunny Carvalho! She will teach you to paint awesome things, I will teach you to sculpt awesome things, and it will be awesome. Have I mentioned awesome? Awesome.

You can find more information about this workshop here. I hope to see you there! There may be a glowstick rave. Just sayin'.


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