Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Happy New Year (three weeks late)

Greetings, lovely lovelies!

I hope the first three weeks of your year have been wonderful and fantastic and joyful and not at all plagued by locusts.

I am still having a hell of a time with the making of the arts, so I've been watching a lot of Desperate Housewives and drinking a lot of tea.  Hey, at least the tea is aesthetically pleasing.

The Manflesh (the psycho from the previous post) has grand plans for my clutter corner, including countertops and cabinets and all sorts of crazy awesomeness (as soon as the money fairies decide to visit), and I'm excited but sad about losing all of those layers of paint.  I can go into the garage and fondle them, though, so all is not lost.

Since the last three months of 2014 were horrid ugly assholes, I never finished the 50 canvases project.  Boo.  I am going to try and finish them in the next couple of months, though - it's time to kick myself out of this funk and work through it.  I miss inky fingers and paint-splattered glasses.  I wish I was kidding.  I'm messy.

In the meantime, I've started a new project!  A music-oriented art journal project in a journal made from an old vinyl album.  I like beating the hell out of a dead horse, apparently.

Anyway, sneakpeek!

.OH MY CIRCLES.  Circles make me happy.  A circle-shaped journal makes me EXTRA HAPPY.

I mean.. look at those curves.  Dangerous.

The blue under the Gelli print is the record sleeve from an old Tubes album that I liked a lot.  I destroyed the album trying to figure out how to properly chop them in half.  oops.  Clumsy me.

Speaking of clumsy me, I started this project by impaling myself on the blade of my circle cutter.

It's been christened in blood.

There will be video by the end of the day that I'll post on wonderstrange tomorrow!  Wootwoot!