Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Surprise Surprise, I'm behind

I go into these challenges with dreams of success and then fizzle.  But I will attempt to persevere!

I have a couple of faces, anyway...

So it's a tomato and a chunk of fresh mozzarella, but it counts cause I say so.  SO THERE.

I also did this page in my Recordings journal:

SO I guess I'm up to 6.

My plans for the day (studying until my eyes bleed and then painting until I can't stay awake anymore) got totally derailed by the realization that I may have to cook a bunch of fish tonight at the bar where I'm occasionally enslaved/employed since it's Ash Wednesday and apparently eating fish is a thing.  I'm so out of touch on religious traditions.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Triangle Heads


One of the billion projects I'm doing right now is called Recordings - I've posted about it before - a circular journal made out of an old LP with music-based spreads.  This week my song is Tessellate by Alt-J:

The song is haunting and beautiful and strangely erotic.  I absolutely love it.

The spread I made is not haunting, beautiful, or erotic, but WHATEVER.  FACES:

TWO of them!  Whee!

So that brings my count up to a whopping 3.  I am kicking so much ass. ;)

There's a video from The Water Bearer on wonderstrange if you want to check it out:  ClickyClicky.

There are closeups and more babbling about this spread also on wonderstrange.  There will be a video probably late tonight since I have to work and go to class in the meantime.  Real life, you suck.

I'm going to go tessellate.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

29 Faces and some Soul Food Pimpage!

Greetings and salutations, money-maker-shakers!

I'm trying really hard to do 29 Faces this year.  I'm trying really hard to finish the 50 Canvases project that I left hanging last year.  I'm trying really hard to manage to stay at the art table for more than 5 minutes at a time, too, so we'll see how it goes.

All of that aside, here's my first face and first catch-up canvas:

I'm doing a series of Zodiac paintings, and this is The Water Bearer (aka Aquarius).  I decided to start all of the canvases the same way by gluing down some random papers then stenciling a heart with modeling paste.  I've been putting some extra modeling paste down for some awesome texture, too...

Since texture makes me so happy...

I will be teaching something like this for Soul Food, something with modeling paste and texture and crazy color.  Yay!

Speaking of Soul Food, it started yesterday!  I'm so excited about the opportunity to teach with such an amazing lineup of people, like Ayala, the innovator behind 29 Faces.  Her work is full of color and texture, and she offers mixed media workshops on her site.  Give her a click, you know you wanna.

Since I started the Recordings project (it's music-based art journaling), I've really started to acknowledge the effect that music has on me while I'm painting.  For example, I found myself painting along to the beat earlier today, and I'll catch myself zoning out during a part of a song that I really resonate with.  It's no wonder I don't get anything done. ;)

This is today's theme song: