Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Surprise Surprise, I'm behind

I go into these challenges with dreams of success and then fizzle.  But I will attempt to persevere!

I have a couple of faces, anyway...

So it's a tomato and a chunk of fresh mozzarella, but it counts cause I say so.  SO THERE.

I also did this page in my Recordings journal:

SO I guess I'm up to 6.

My plans for the day (studying until my eyes bleed and then painting until I can't stay awake anymore) got totally derailed by the realization that I may have to cook a bunch of fish tonight at the bar where I'm occasionally enslaved/employed since it's Ash Wednesday and apparently eating fish is a thing.  I'm so out of touch on religious traditions.


  1. please don't let your eyes bleed
    fun to see your faces and i say they count too
    sometimes humans look like tomatoes and cheese ;-)
    i look as these challenges as inspiration to create, what actually happens is a whole other thing
    6 faces is awesome and fun for me to see
    have fun

  2. Did that say you were going to preserve(aka canning) or persevere? heehee
    absolutely faces- no doubt about it!
    so do you smell fishy? ick- love to eat it but hate to cook it and smell like it!
    I love your tomato totem and your other zipped lipped angel! - now onto your Victory March!! ")
    xo keep warm!

  3. Fish. Hmm. Hope that went well! I love the tomato and mozzarella faces! Adorable and undoubtedly full of attitude!

  4. Your collection shows that you have a great imagination and talent.

  5. i LOVE your art, and your sense of humour. And for the record, i pride myself in being out of touch with religious traditions. i am eating chocolate & drinking wine as i write this. (did someone say LENT?!) no. i didn't think so. thanks for sharing your art. xx


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