Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Artistcellar Stencils, Blog Hop, and GIVEAWAY!! WOO!!


Today marks my final post as a design team member for Artistcellar and my very first post as part of a blog hop!  Confetti!  Tears!  Confetti!  Tears!

Those clever kids over there managed to snag an amazing papercutter, Béatrice Coron, as their newest signature artist.  She has done a couple of awesome TED talks, check them out here and here!  She is 12 kinds of adorable.


They are, in order of appearance, Painter, Housework, Online, and Dancers.  So SO so cute.

I decided to go with a funky canvas and chose the Painter stencil.  I started by brayering black paint onto a 6 x 6 canvas panel:

I love how grungy that looks!  I laid down my stencil and carefully applied white acrylic paint with a makeup sponge:

And then, without moving the stencil, dabbed on some turquoise acrylic with the same sponge:

I removed the stencil and was left with this lovely bit of lovely:

I LOVE how shocked and/or awed the lady skeleton looks.  I sort of wanted to keep it like that, but then this would be a really short post, so I started filling in bones using the flat edge of a paintbrush:

I also gave them big heads.

I used acrylic paints to give them little skully heads and gave the guy a Dali mustache just because that is the kind of mustache I would have if I could grow a mustache. 

One of my favorite parts of Day of the Dead art is the flowers (sometimes I am SUCH A GIRL), so I gave her a flowery headdress and gave him a flowery boutonniere: 

I could not get over the idea that the lady skeleton was scandalized over whatever Dali Guy is painting, so I thought long and hard about what would scandalize a skeleton and came up with this:

If you can't make it out, it says, "his portraiture was scandalously fleshy" ... hahahahhahahaaaaaaa!

I finished it off by using Distress Stain to age the text a bit:

And there you go!


You can win the full set of stencils by leaving a comment!  I will use to pick a winner on October 1, 2014!  WOOT WOOT!!

For more chances to win, be sure to visit the other blogs on the hop!  VISIT THEM REGARDLESS because they are awesome, every last one of them!

September 20th – Lisa Cousineau, Artistcellar
September 21st – Jill K Berry –
September 22nd – Janet Ghio –
September 23rd – Cheryl Sleboda –
September 24th – Sarah Trumpp – WHOA that's me!!!
September 25th – Diana Trout –

Don't forget to leave a comment with a working email address to win!  GOOD LUCK!!


  1. fantastic. great idea to dress them up. would love to win these stencils

  2. Love how you added the bones & flowers. Great tip on using a makeup sponge to apply the paint! Hope i win some stencils :-)

  3. I love your piece and could seriously stare at it all day. Okay maybe not all day but a great part of the day for sure! I never thought about using makeup sponges when painting and will definitely be trying that. I'd love to win the stencils - they'd totally keep me out of trouble. ;o)

  4. I love Mr Dali's totally 'stach! Also the fleshy joke is so bad it's actually good.

  5. Love this one too! So very glad I found your blog with this Hop with amazing projects along the way! Love your writing and..... all the Who stuff I see is fantastic!

  6. Love this! I will continue to blog stalk you. Stay in touch!! ~ Hugs~Renee

  7. I just love what you did with this stencil!

  8. Their faces are fabulous, especially since they are as expressive as faces without any of those disgustamerating fleshy bits. Ew. Skin.

  9. Awesome what you did with this stencil. Thanx for generous opportunity to win these stencils.

  10. Omg I LOVE this! - Sarah , I agree, you do make stencils so fabulous!! I love your saying- hahaha and the teeth are just too perfect! xo

  11. Stencil mastery! I can see her reaction to the fleshiness of his art. Too terrific!!! Bookmarking so I can try my hand at this...

  12. I adore how you take something and turn it into YOU! I can look at stuff, and say, I bet Sarah did have your own individual style and it's full awesomeness. I would prolly pass out from giddiness if I actually won these stencils. Much Love!

  13. Great grunge! Perfect for the stencils. Love the whole concept.

  14. Forgot to say that I'm now a Facebook fan....I enjoy seeing your projects.

  15. What a fun fun fun project. I love how you gave them so much personality and humor. The saying is perfect.

  16. I followed the link from Diana Trout's blog to yours and I love the painting you did with the stencil!

  17. This just might be my very favorite use of these stencils in this whole blog hop! The addition of the skulls is incredibly adorable! I would love to win a set of these stencils! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  18. These stencils look like a lot of fun. I love what you did with them.

  19. This is totally awesome possum! What great stencils and I love the way you embellished them. Nice!

  20. I know the challenge is over but this stencil and additions to it are so awesome! What a work of art! Gotta have these stencils!!


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