Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ack one day!

Last week when I posted I was three days from a show (a show that was not so good, unfortunately) and freaking out a little bit.  Now I'm one day from a three-day show and freaking out a lot.  So I'll blog.  What the heck.

Here, have some eye candy!

I FINALLY got around to painting those zombie cupcakes who have been lurking in the shadows for weeks now.  My painting process is always a little crazy - there are tons of layers and drying and blah blah.  I always tell myself that I'm going to start using colored clay so that I don't have to spend so much time painting, but I never actually will.  I like the look too much, even if it is a pain.

This is where I'm standing right now...

Uhhhhh.  Yeah.  I guess I need to tidy up a little before I get working, eh?  I have a printer's tray that I am planning on filling up with tiny geeky sculptures on alphabet blocks for this weekend's show (which is Rochester ComicCon), so I guess I should get busy.  I have to be done by 2:00 tomorrow.  :-/

I spent most of this week putting together costumes for my kids.  My 6-year-old wants to be the 11th Doctor, so I spent an entire afternoon wandering around an enormous antique mall trying to find a fez.  I finally succeeded in finding one in the VERY LAST ROW.  Of about 100.  Sheez.  My 12-year-old wanted to be the Empty Child, a gasmask-wearing creepazoid.  SO CUTE!

Are you my mummy?
MAN I need to sweep.  My dog sheds like he's going for a record or something.  Sweeping sucks, though, so that probably won't happen.

Stay tuned next week for fun stuff!  WHEE!  *throws confetti*


  1. Yay for the confetti!! It hides the dog hair!! heehee
    These creatures are soooo coool! I know I know...seems like I say that about all of your art, but it's true!! It's cool!! Love it when you blog- you always make me smile Sarah!! Have a great show! xo


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