Friday, January 10, 2014

30 in 30 day 10

Here it is day 10, and I finally have some paintings to show.. Haaa it's fun to play catch-up!  I am still bound and determined to get this done, though!  So here, have a few paintings:

First, is Something Dreadful, available for sale here.

Next is A Dream, available here.

Then Unfulfilled sneaks up on you (I hate it when that happens), available here.

And last, and probably least, it's Disappointment, available here.  I miss the balloon, so I think Red Balloon will be my theme for this project!

Only 21 days to go.. and only.. um.. 26 paintings.  Crap, I should get to work.  Once I run out of canvases, I'll start on panels which will then be turned into art journals.  Yay for multitasking!


  1. These look fantastic, Sarah! I adore the interplay of colors in the first one. It feels incredibly layered and rich! The second one has a wonderful literal-but-not-quite-literal sense of reflection. I think it might be my favorite. I love the focal point but also the lines in the third one (the green lines, the white lines / shapes in the upper left, and the crown of shapes over his head, which palpably move my eye through the piece). Super cool.

    I miss the balloon in the fourth one, too! Balloons for everyone! She's got killer hair, though - and great colorful shading.

    Woo you!

    1. Thank you lovely!! Yeah, damn her and her lack of balloon.

  2. Very Cool Art! Great colors, and really good titles for each one, too.
    Have fun with the rest of the challenge! Good luck with Day #11.

    1. thank you so much!! I am stressing over my lack of free time on the weekend.. hahaha

  3. Haha, these are terrific. That first fellow is particularly full of energy. The Unfulfilled is charmingly creepy. More painting! (Agree with lack of balloon. Aaaaah.) :D

  4. Fantastic! If I were rich, I would buy them all and have a wall of Sarah! I love the Dream one!


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