Wednesday, June 3, 2015


There have been SO MANY exciting things happening in my life lately, with my own workshop hosted by Community Thrive, my kid graduating, an impending Drunk Vacation to Savannah, visits from family (including my mom, who I haven't seen in WAY TOO LONG), and my cup is completely overflowing. Like completely.

One of the ridiculously exciting things that has been happening behind the scenes is that the lovely and talented Effy Wild asked me to teach in her Radiant: Art Journals course. SWOON. Not only is Effy one of my soul sisters in every way conceivable (we may as well have hatched in the same mad scientist's laboratory), but the teachers are just RIDONCULOUSLY STELLAR. Check out this lineup!!

  • Tamara LaPorte
  • Tangie Baxter
  • Dyan Reaveley
  • Sarah Trumpp (holy crap that's me!)
  • France Papillon
  • Micki Wilde
  • Juna Biagion
  • Iris Fritschi-Cussens
  • Marieke Blokland
  • Nolwenn Petibois
  • Jeanette Montero
  • Kelly Hoernig
  • Felicia Borges
  • with bonus lessons by Andrea Schroeder & Chelle Stein!

Click here for more information about the class and the instructors!

The lovely Effy will work along with us by posting her take on each lesson, so you get 31 lessons for one price. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!? The answer is SO AWESOME.

I'm going to be taking you through a week in my art journal, my own personal style of journaling, incorporating art, photography, momento-keeping/scrapbooking, and general craziness. Here are some samples of what I'm shooting for!

If you decide to join us, it would be amazing!! If you sign up using my links above, I'll get paid, and that will also be amazing!!! Either way, amazing!




  1. Holy crap!! No wonder why you are totally over the moon- you are on a tear girl!!
    Please don't become too famous where I cannot call you a friend anymore! LOL
    So good for you,Sarah!! Very well deserved to be in such company!!xo


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