Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Two heads aren't better

My god I am bad about updating regularly.  Like bad.  Like REALLY bad.  I keep promising myself that I will do something daily and then just... don't.

So, I guess I will try again!

I joined a Munny swap on and spent two days making this steampunky/robotty/crystal-crowned guy:

I have a couple more blanks, so I can say that this one was practice and make a couple more, but it's hard for me these days to spend so much time on free art when I have shows... and deadlines.. and still 270-something paintings to do this year.  Mail art got me back into art, so it has a special place in my heart, but the business-minded part of me wants to kick me for spending so much time and effort on it.  And then I feel like a selfish ass for not wanting to give it away.  Sigh.

Let's get off that maudlin train of thought.  I worked on a couple of paintings this week:

And then I decided I didn't like the two-faced purple one and reworked it:

 I reworked it some more after this, but I don't have a picture and am too lazy to walk two feet over to the right to take one.  I am way WAY happier with it now... Now to rework the three-eyed lady.   I have another show in a week and a half and not nearly enough stuff to fill it, so... work.  So much work.  Totally better than trying to decipher doctors like I used to, though.


  1. Is this thing on?
    (I had to laugh at the beginning of this post! LOL)
    I totally understand the torment of the update schedule. And how life sometimes just doesn't agree. So you do it if you want to, and when it seems fun, and then you go visit some folks to remind them you're alive and maybe take a look, and then you go back to the rest of you life until the next time you get to it.

    (Of course, I don't know about TWO blogs, since you've been doing lots of wonderstrange. Yikes!)

    1. hhahaha! <3

      I totally forget about this one, too... And our update schedule on wonderstrange next year is going to be EFFING BANANAS, which probably won't help me to keep this one updated, but I'm going to try! Again!

      (....after Christmas...)

  2. (Dang! It totally deleted my "tap, tap, tap" at the beginning - I accidentally made it with html tags so it just disappeared)


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